Three of Cups: Friendships

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2 min readDec 16, 2020


A beautiful card picked today: three women celebrating friendship or success or a great wine and cheese night. If nothing else, 2020 has taught me to be grateful for my friends — not just the female ones, but especially these. Making it through a pandemic (not through yet — but hopefully on the way there) has been a lot easier with a bunch of people who truly care.

It’s not a one-way street either — it also made me more aware of my ability to bring joy or support to my friends. To practice truly being there for them, in a way that focused on what they needed and not what I felt I needed to do. 2020 taught me to quieten my mind a bit (it’s hard!), to listen and observe, and to hold space for the people I love.

Three of Cups from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

What you see: Three maidens with flowers in their hair raise cups in celebration. There are fruits and flowers blossoming all around them.

What it means: The women appear to be dancing in celebration of an abundant harvest. The wreaths in their hair are associated with success. The two women in profile seem to be smiling.

The story: The Three of Cups represents a bountiful harvest; success in a relationship, partnership or creative undertaking with someone else.

Reversed meaning: Reversed, the card represents loneliness or the “three is a crowd” effect. It may also stand for independence or alone time.

Reflection: This card feels particularly special to me because it shows the beauty of female friendships. There is something so wonderful about a tight girl gang; it brightens days and warms nights.

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