Seven of Pentacles: Perseverance

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2 min readJan 26, 2021

Today is a strange day. Yesterday was hard, for no clear reason — possibly from being unproductive, being stressed out or generally feeling unmotivated. But today is brighter, though none of those things have gone away or changed. It is snowing today so perhaps it’s the change in weather that indicates that time is in fact passing. The mundaneness of it all broken up and blanketed in white to temporarily make you forget how stuck you feel.

The issue of motivation is interesting now that it is January 2021 and we are still in lockdown with a pandemic that has no end in site. The novelty (if you can call it that) of the pandemic has well worn off, there are no more big holidays for a while, summer is pretty far off, so really what are we looking forward to? Looking into this white-out snowstorm is a great metaphor for how I feel — we know the future is bright (since there’s no way to go but up, right?) but we honestly don’t know what’s out there and when it’s coming. Sometimes one day at a time doesn’t work so well. And being alright is not enough anymore. What am I working towards anyways? At work, in life? Anyone out there have ideas?

Seven of Pentacles from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

What you see: A man looks down at a thriving vine bush with seven pentacles. He leans on his hoe and looks tired.

What it means: The man is likely exhausted over his efforts to nurture the vine, however they do seem to be paying off with a successful harvest.

The story: The Seven of Pentacles represents long-term rewards; the results of putting in hard work and having the patience to wait for the harvest.

Reversed meaning: Reversed, the card represents lack of a long-term goal: rewards that are short-lived and unsustainable.

Reflection: This card on the surface looks like it should be a good one — you see the fruits of hard labour and patience, and yet the look on the man’s face seems incongruous. Perhaps, at the end of his efforts he is too tired to enjoy the rewards or maybe it wasn’t worth it in the end. I suppose the takeaway is balance — make sure your long-term efforts are interspersed with short-term rewards as well. Don’t be so focused on the destination, you don’t enjoy the journey or the little stops on the way.

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