King of Pentacles: Prosperous Patriarch

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2 min readFeb 5, 2021

The last of the pack. On this Friday, I draw the last of the Tarot cards and have encountered all the different stories and meanings. As I think about this journey I am surprised by how many cards have very similar meanings. Even with nuances there are a few very simple takeaways with the cards.

Coincidental that the last card seems fitting — the wealth card, where the King sits in his seat of power and reaps the rewards of his life’s work. And yet, he doesn’t seem happy or fulfilled. Stories seem complete but it’s important to remember most are simply snapshots — one could argue that depending on how your live your life your journey could go on beyond your death. I am both excited and slightly nervous about the rest of my journey with the Tarot.

Queen of Pentacles from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

What you see: The King sits on a throne carved with four bulls’ heads and decorated with flowers. His robes are decorated with bunches of grapes and vine leaves. In his left hand he holds a pentacle and in his right, a sceptre. He sits in the middle of a lush garden with fruits, vegetation and flowers around him. In the distance you can see his castle.

What it means: The bulls in this card are associated with the astrological sign of Taurus. The grapes and vines represent the King’s abundant wealth. He is surrounded by material possessions and in his hands his sceptre and coin signify his power over these. The castle is a symbol of his hard work.

The story: The King of Pentacles represents prosperity; an abundance of wealth and riches as a result of determination and leadership.

Reversed meaning: Reversed, the card represents poor financial leadership or an obsession with wealth and status.

Reflection: Another very busy card, it’s hard to make out everything in it as the fruits and flowers appear to be piled on top of each out and surround the King. Perhaps there’s a story there about how too much materialistic gain can trap us or add a level of complexity. This card certainly isn’t about having enough — it scream abundance and overflowing wealth. Surprising that the King seems smug rather than happy or content.

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